Ross is, in a sense, a site-specific artist, reacting to different places and situations with new work and innovative improvisations, but at the core of her work, there is a thematic continuity that is derived from cultural background sources and from a critical awareness of political, cultural identity, environmental and gender issues.
Iwan Bala, Carmarthen, 2011


2019 I know who you are (I've been watching you), photographic intervention in the woods.
La Compañía ranch. Valle de Bravo, Mexico
2016 Road me, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing China.
2015 Lending the body, We want to stay alive, Historic center of Mexico City
Lending the body, 1° Feminist Arts International Festival in Tepito, Mexico City
And, where are the women?  Instituto Cervantes, Tanger, Morocco
2014 Lending the body, Olivart Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
And, where are the women? Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Berlín, Halle, Praga
Lending the body,  Ciudad de México, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Berlín, Halle, Praga
2013 Road Me, Madrid, Spain and México City
2011 Outsider. Sapanka, Turquía
2010 Looking for the Soul of Sloestica, Macedonia
Gold to the Forest, Sloestica, Macedonia
Looking for a heart (and there is none here). Le Sauvan, France
2009 The city in the memory,  identidades.04, Morelia Michoacán
2007 Lebensbaum, Zihuatanejo, Guapamacátaro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, New York
Ojo con el Parícutin. Land Art. Festival Arte de la Tierra, Parícutin vulcano, Michoacán, MX
2006 Lebensbaum , Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland
Wall of Kisses, identidades.03, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Galicia,  Morelia, México
2005 Feeding the Fairies/ Zapatista Lines/Cariad. Coedhills Rural Art Space, Vale of Glamorgan, Gales
Water fruits/the water that's left. identidades.02, Morelia, Michoacán
2004 Virtual Ubiquity. Several European countries
The Mark,  Several European and American countries
Identidades. identidades.01. Public transports, Morelia, Michoacán
One Earth, París-Morelia. Cuauhtémoc Forest park, Morelia