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Here we are to feel the Winds.

Winds, you know well, like to blow different each time, depending on the moon or the scent that fills the air. Sometimes they are soft and other times  stormy, but always winds are entangled with chants, live leaves, dream spores. WInds dance, shake the skirts of girls and the water of lakes with their multiple reflections and their many faces.  Carry away the screams of mountains and liberate the ideas that unmoor warships.

The Winds. These loving warrior Winds. This book so yours, from here and from the world. This book so yours, you who wrote it. You who have read it, you who are going to read it and even you, who never will.

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with artist Felipe Ehrenberg, presenting Vientos in society. photo: Guillermo Wusterhaus


It was the end of 1994 in Morelia - a very shocking year for consciousness- when sprouted a cultural magazine that made history and later became a book. This was  Vientos de Cambio, Winds of Change. Gathered in its 60 eight-paged weekly  issues were the ideas, proposals and actions of the culture workers, but also, besides innovate traditional graphic design for this kind of newspapers aggreagates and trascend the regional and ephemeral, also organized art exhibits - from famous photographer Héctor García and painter and drawer Luis Quintanilla-, lectures, happenings and feasts.


               With Victor Rodríguez (Cambio de Michoacán), Héctor Canales (Guía de Zamora) and Arturo García Hernández (La Jornada). Photo: Armando Lemus


With Héctor García and poet Dionicio Morales, celebrating García's 50 years as a professional and the year of our magazine.   Photo: Armando lemus


With a good funding from FONCA, Vientos de Cambio turned into a book lenght anthology. The cover was illustrated by Master Alfredo Zalce and it was a storm-strenght labour to present it to the public in about 25 venues, including the Metropolitan Gallery, Popular Cultures Museum, Minería Palace and the Underground Cupola in México City. It blew over Mazatlán, Colima, Toluca, Ciudad Juárez, Valle de Bravo.... it was indorsed and presented by artists and intellectuals as Felipe Ehrenberg, Mónica Lavín, Héctor García, Javier Reyes, Armando Vega-Gil, Héctor Anaya, Luis de la  Peña, Paloma Bonfil, Nayeli Nesme, Citlali Marino, Josefina Cendejas, Ligia Mazariegos, Yvonne Domengue, Rafael Torres Sánchez, Gaspar Aguilera, Lucila Aldama, Juan Manuel Corona, Carlos Blas Galindo, Ireneo Rojas, Fernanda Navarro, Octavio Vázquez...

Yes, let say it all by Vientos mouth, because this is Just One Earth. May Vientos be a voices wind gust breaking down walls, cleaning away black consciences and giving us words to have after the kiss.  Armando Vega-Gil

Vientos....babelic crowd of ideas, this is, conversation, animation, inspiration. Javier Reyes 

This edition saves from the eventuality that means geography and circumstance, vigorous writtings, references to different cutural manifestations, maps of ideas, which, no matter were spread in green Michoacán, are now everybody's patrimony.  Mónica Lavín

The quality of the materials makes it as good as any cultural magazine here or abroad. Héctor Anaya

This multicolor tapestry was woven with the thread of humor. As a rebozo, as a chuj, as patchwork, as a Manila mantle. With the stuborness of those who won't give up, we all blew this shell to the seven corners of the Universe.ER







And we were the amazones who made it:

designer Laura Cendejas, editor Nektli Rojas and coordinating all was my task. 


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