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2017 第二届中国女性艺术家录像艺术节, the Second Chinese Women Artists Video Art Festival 墨西哥 2017 process has begun.
  Reclaiming the ground is published as part of the interventions made at El Quinto Muro, the Fifth Wall, in the book by Mario Palacios Kaim. With photos by Ricardo Garibay.
2016 Made and published the 10 years celebratory book of eyeseverywhere|ojosportodoslados,
the collective photograph project made by women artists from all around the world. 
You can buy it in blurb
  A TV interview by  journalist Angélica Abelleyra for her segment Pulsiones, in Canal22 news.
  My video Insomnia  is invited for the HIGH//LOW Muestra Itinerante  (Traveling Show) of the 20  Peru Film Festival, shown in  MAC – LIMA Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, MALI Museo de Arte de Lima, CCPUCP Centro Cultural de la Pontificia Universidad Católica and Laboratorio Creativo, Lima, Peru
  New York trip:  Reclaiming the Ground at Strawberry Fields, Central Park.
Wall of Kisses
at Chinatown Soup Gallery, NYC, poetic interventions all around.
Seeding at Rosekill for Outdoor Performance Art, Rosendale.
  Yes is not no video screened at Artoon Gallery, in Shanghai and Hao Space, Beijing.
Poetic interventions in 798 Art District, Beijing
  Biography is selected for Femmes' Video Art Festival 2 in the Situation Room and LACE and
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in Hollywood.
  Wikipedia holds now a page about Elizabeth Ross.
  Transitar, a workshop on personal and collective mapping in Casa Vecina
  Chinese organization HANBAN (Confucius Institute) sponsors a research on Contemporary Chinese
Female Artists  in Wuhan, Shanghai and Beijing. Also holding some lectures and Mexican and
Latinamerican videoart screenings. 
  Biografía and Walking in the Jianghu are part of  ://self~imaging, a show for peace, a show for humanity, a colection curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne. Screened at 10° CeC (Carnival of e-Creativity)2016 in Meghalaya, India and Torrence Art Museum of Los Angeles, California.
  Haste and 43+ (The Notebook) were screened in the Raymi Video Poetry Festival in the Culture House
of Cusco, Peru.
2015 中国女性艺术家录像艺术节 | Chinese Women Artists Videoart Festival in México City
~06.25-07.10~ in collaboration with Digital Culture Center, Confucius Institute, Wuhan
Textile University and other venues.
   ArtFem.TV Memory is published, included in MUMA along with all the workshop and talks info, 
and the curatorial screening is made.  I participate with an independent curated program under
the name Paradigms. Noox, México City.
  Prestando el cuerpo, Lending the body,
axion in the 1°  Feminists Arts Internacional Festival in Tepito,  México City.
  Y, ¿dónde están las mujeres? , And, where are the women?  is included in the
Museo de Mujeres de Costa Rica
  Intervention in the Cervantes Institute, Tanger, Morocco.
2014 Territorial Transfer, project presentation in Barcelona's Olivart Art Gallery
  Art as Social Designar lecture, Murcia University, Arts Department.
  Artist in Residency, at Huber Art Plataform, Estepona, Málaga.
  Y, ¿dónde están las mujeres? exhibit in Granada, Andalucía.
A selection of work done for Territorial Transfer was shown during September and October
in Sala El Tragaluz.
  An interview for Les Femmes Folles.
  A series of Ritual axions, along with Quebecoise performance artist Christine Brault.
Teotihuacan, Tlatelolco and Claustro de Sor Juana.
  My videos Voy y Vengo will be screened in Argentina, PLAY Videoart week.
  ArtFem.TV,  videoart and feminism - curatorial workshop. Organization and management.
Centro de Cultura Digital. Mexico City.
  And, where are the women? Territorial Transfer made public as an artistic research
project on progress at Clínica Regina, Centro Histórico, Mexico City
  Videoart in feminine, curating a selection of videos, screened in Clínica Regina, México City


Insomnio, selected for Urban Research,  during Berlin International Directors Lounge,
curated by  Klaus W. Eisenlohr.
2013 Art as a Social Designer. Lecture in the Fine Arts faculty, in the  Universidad Autónoma
de Baja California, Ensenada. And it was a workshop in Pinto Mi Raya art space, in México
  new screenings: Insomnio, PLAY  Videoart Week, Corrientes, Argentina and ...and they continue to be born, CologneOFF2013, A Virtual Memory Vilnus and Kedainiai, Lithuania
  Territorial Transfer project includes workshops with immigrant women, axions, videos,
exhibitions in Mexico and Spain. You can follow it in
its own blog.
  Constellation, videoart in feminine. Curating a Festival in el Espacio de Igualdad
del Distrito de Tetuán in Madrid.
  Biography, a new video made for VideoAkt Biennale, Barcelona/Berlin
  Art as Social Designer. l organized this seminar along with the Fine Arts faculty at 
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and hold the lecture The many faces of Identity.
  The essay No importa que sea Low-Tech, una práctica artística feminista (it doesn't matter if it's low tech, a feminist art practice), in the Murcia University magazine  Arte y Políticas de Identidad.


I become part of the Mexican Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte,  Art Creators National System, SNCA, to develop Territorial Transfer project, an art research on women and our mobility through the different territorial realms.

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